sel back to school activities for middle and high school

3 Back to School SEL Activities

Back to school can be a perfect time to begin centering your classrooms with social-emotional learning (SEL). There are five types of SEL skills: Middle and high school students need SEL support and there are many things that teachers can do to help them. These back to school activities are …

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4 short stories for middle school

4 Short Stories for Middle School

Short stories are a staple in most middle school classrooms. They are great for teaching skills and standards in a short piece which later students can apply while reading novels. These short stories are a mixture of old and new chosen for their high engagement value, but even better, the …

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canva in the classroom

Using Canva in the Classroom

Canva is one of the MUST HAVE tools for teachers.  Canva in the classroom provides opportunities for students to display learning in a multitude of ways while engaging learners.  Using technology such as Canva in the classroom benefits both teachers and students. If you are familiar with SAMR model for …

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